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Welcome to Money Coaching

Are you starting over?

Transitions and fresh starts can be stressful and scary. They can also be exciting and wonderful!

Your new beginning may be due to a relationship, a relocation, or retirement.

It may be happening by choice or by chance.

During major life changes like these, it can feel like no one else understands what you’re going through.  You feel alone and unsupported.  Disconnected.

I’ve walked in your shoes–and I not only survived but learned to thrive.  I’ve lived in nine different states, went from a corporate job to entrepreneurship and back, switched industries, been laid off, filed bankruptcy and faced foreclosure, re-established excellent credit, spent four years in a relationship that I ended even though I wasn’t ready financially.  I’ve grieved the losses of family and close friends, as well as lost dreams.   I’ve lived through steady income, fluctuating income, uncertain and even no income periods. And I know what it’s like to move somewhere new and have no friends or family nearby.

Your emotional and financial states determine how easy or difficult your transition will be.  They also impact how long it will take for you to find your new normal.

Transitions often involve more than one aspect of your life, and money is ALWAYS a factor.  Feeling in control of the financial piece can make the journey to your new life less stressful and more fun.

_MG_3995My name is Nancy Rae Evans and I’m the queen of starting over.   I can provide step-by-step guidance to develop your financial and emotional stability during your changes so you can navigate them with ease and grace rather than worry and fear.

Why I focus on money:  Money is a core survival issue.  Just like air and water, we cannot survive without it.  Our personal evolution is helped or hindered by how conscious we are of our patterns and behaviors around money.  There is no quicker or deeper path to self-knowledge than to explore your personal relationship with money.

It’s much easier to make an impact on the world when you have more financial resources at your disposal.  The key to expanding your financial resources lies in understanding how you are hard-wired for money… only then can you access and expand into your full potential.

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