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21 Money Habits

  Just released in paperback and Kindle versions!

Are you stressed out by income fluctuations? Does keeping up with your bills feel like a game that’s stacked against you? If you’ve ever questioned your original decision to own a business, read this book!

Making more money is rarely the solution to our money challenges. The only lasting solution comes from applying new habits for managing money. In 21 Money Habits That Can Stabilize Your Business and Keep You Sane, Nancy Rae Evans teaches us simple ways to get quick results, stabilize our cash flow, and protect ourselves for times when our income streams dry up. This is the stuff your accountant won’t tell you!

In this empowering guidebook, you’ll learn easy-to-apply tips to:

  • Improve your cash flow instantly
  • Reduce your stress permanently
  • Regain control of your finances
  • Have more fun when you’re working
  • Stop wondering if you should quit and look for a “real” job
  • Get the IRS off your back once and for all
  • Stop feeling like a fraud and a failure

Nancy Rae Evans, founder of EmbracingMoney.com, is fiercely committed to helping conscious business owners stabilize their cash flow so they may feel joyful and sane while running their businesses.

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