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A Financial Lesson From The Biggest Loser

After losing a pop-up challenge, Jen and Courtney (the Red Team) are banished from campus for a week.  They are given a budget of $1000 and a menu with selections for how they can spend their money.

Sounds a bit like us in the “free world,” except having fewer choices usually makes it easier to make smart decisions.
What happens next is far more common than the show portrays:  they decide to forgo their trainer for the week and instead choose to spend their money on massages and a dinner out.

Of course they rationalize the decision by stating that after 13 weeks with a trainer, they should know how to work out on their own.  Which is true to a degree, but we all know that accountability to someone else keeps us moving forward and reduces the risk of self-sabotage.   And Courtney knew that she was at a vulnerable point in her weight loss process.

So what happens?   Courtney only lost 2 pounds, and Jen pulled a big goose egg, sending her home.

The moral of the story?  Left to our own devices, when it comes to food, finances, and exercise, we humans are quick to rationalize why we no longer need to work with our coach.   We convince ourselves that since we now know what to do, we’ll be able to stick with it on our own.

We are creatures of habit.  And it’s our old bad habits that come sneaking back in when we let down our guard–or postpone our training sessions.  Then, the guilt and embarrassment, maybe even shame, make it difficult to resume.  We’d rather save face than admit we screwed up and start over.

I’m here to encourage you to start over.  Today.  You can’t erase the mistakes of the past days, weeks, or years, but you can put a stop to them, one day at a time, starting today.

Just get started today.  Consider it a gift to yourself and those you love.

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