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Do you love what you do, but struggle to
make enough money doing it?

Do you attract plenty of people, only to find
most of them can't pay you?

How to Become a Money Magician and
Heal Your Blocks to Abundance

If you answered yes to either question above, then your inner Warrior and Martyr are at odds with each other.

When this happens, it's like driving a car with one foot on the gas while the other one is on the brake. Your progress is slow and full of jerks and stops. Not to mention unpleasant!

In this case, the Warrior (as the go-getter) is doing her job in getting your work and your business seen in the world. It's the driven, disciplined, confident, and generous part of you.

The Martyr (as the caretaker) is what makes you so good at what you do. You're compassionate, wise, self-sacrificing, and generous-- to a fault.

The Martyr in you needs to learn to be open to receiving; you've already got the giving part down pat!

The Warrior and Martyr are two of the eight Archetypes that represent patterns of behavior that are part of the "collective unconscious." The other six Archetypes are Innocent, Victim, Fool, Creator/Artist, Tyrant, and Magician. The Archetypes are the symbols used by human beings, before we had words or language.

The Archetypes and Money

When we apply the archetypes to our relationship with money, they can help us see our patterns and behaviors, thus highlighting where we need to grow. [Discover your Money Types here.]

Strategies for soothing your inner Martyr—which will keep your foot off the brake pedal—include learning to ask for help and support, creating healthy boundaries, and overcoming perfectionism through self-acceptance.

The Archetypes that are crucial to personal and financial success are a balanced blend of Warrior, Creator/Artist, and Magician. It's also essential to be able to recognize when a "shadow" Archetype has taken over the driver's seat, so your Warrior and Magician can reclaim their roles.

The Creator/Artist is internally motivated by a bigger purpose. 

A strong Creator/Artist with the Warrior and Magician as supporting cast members leads to living life on purpose while making a fantastic income.

The Warrior is goal-oriented, financially successful, and discerning (along with the other characteristics stated earlier.  

The Magician (as the manifester) brings in the spiritual connection. The Magician brings faith, trust, and has made peace with their personal financial history.

In order to claim your power and release unwanted money patterns, thus moving beyond them, you must first be able to see and name that which drives you. 

Another key piece is learning to engage your Warrior and Magician and recognizing when your Creator/Artist needs attention.

​One of the main outcomes of money coaching is to fully understand what caused your money patterns, especially the ones that limit or slow your success.

​Since these patterns are usually unconscious, we use a deep 4-step process that’s based in neuroscience to map out all your patterns and their origins, so you can literally see what's been driving your decisions and behaviors.

​Isn't it time you discovered who is driving your financial car?  Take the Money Style Quiz today!

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