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Busting a Money Myth

It’s a myth that more money is the solution to money problems. 


Money problems aren’t caused by lack of money.  They’re caused by the choices you make and the actions you take with your money.

Another way to say that is, your money situation is a result of how you behave with your money.  It’s your behavior–and not a shortage of money– that causes money challenges.

Your behavior is determined by your relationship with money.  When you change your relationship with money, your behaviors, choices and actions automatically shift—without effort!

When you add more money to the equation, instead of feeling relief, you simply get bigger money challenges.  It’s sort of like pouring gasoline on a fire that you’re trying to put out.  You get exact opposite of what you want.


You see, money is an amplifier, which means that more money will make your money issues more pronounced.


If you avoid dealing with your money, having more of it won’t make it any easier, only more complicated.

Put another way, your money issues grow along with your income.  If you’re feeling like there’s never enough, that will follow you, just like a shadow, even as your income grows. 


Here’s an example:  One of my mentors, who’s now earning well into seven figures a year, shared in a vulnerable moment on stage that the year his business was growing from $350K to over $700K, he was still laying in bed at night worrying about how he was going to pay his mortgage and his team every month.  


If your pattern is not being able to save money, that will still be the case, even if you double your income.  

I’ve seen this with doctors and dentists who can’t implement the plans created by financial advisors because they live paycheck to paycheck and struggle to make payroll for their practices.  And they were lucky enough to graduate from medical school without student loans! 


If you’re a business owner, focusing on growing your business before you change your money behaviors is a recipe for disaster. (It will also mess up your marketing results.  But that’s a topic for another article.)


What was missing in the past–which made change difficult– was not knowing the origin of your money behaviors.    


So the good news is, you CAN change your behavior. The bad news is, you can’t do it by yourself.  


The trouble with trying change your money behaviors on your own is that you’re working blind.
The patterns that trip you up, and their underlying causes, are hidden from you.  If you can’t see the enemy, how can you hope to defeat it?


Back to the good news.  There is an emerging field of practitioners who are trained to do just that.  [I’m one of them.]They fill the huge gap between therapists and financial professionals, neither of which have the skill set or time to work with clients in this manner. 


We integrate the best of what is known about the Mind and Money from the fields of neuroscience, behavioral economics, neuroeconomics, and behavioral and cognitive psychology, to help people uncover their destructive money patterns and shine the light on their money shadows.


This is the key to making lasting changes in your finances. 


More good news:  the analysis piece (where you learn how you are hard-wired to react with money) only takes a few weeks instead of years (as in therapy).  Yes, they will be intense weeks–it can be uncomfortable to review your past!  But it’s only possible to change your future when you can see your past with clarity.  Otherwise, you simply recreate the same experience, over and over again. 


Are you ready revise your survival strategies and step into being a money magician–someone who knows how to transform and manifest their own financial reality?


I hope so!


If you’re tired of struggling with and feeling anxious about money, click here to get on my calendar.  Learn more about how you can work with me here.  Do it now–right now–and claim your right to financial freedom.

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