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What is Money Coaching?
As a Certified Money Coach®, I help people Identify & Understand what’s driving their Behaviors, their Decisions, and also their Emotions around money.  Because we usually make money decisions emotionally and not rationally.

How does Money Coaching Work?
It’s a very rich and deep process which is initially 4 steps known as the Money Transformation Process.  It’s a diagnostic tool where we’ll literally map out your patterns and behaviors so you can see them visually and quite clearly.  And then beyond the Money Transformation process is where I work with you to begin to change the patterns and behaviors that you’ve identified as clearly no longer serving you.  With ongoing support, practice, and accountability, you’ll be able to embrace new behaviors and sustain them for the long run.

How is this better than other approaches?
Most people don’t truly understand the neurodynamics of money.  And the truth is, our individual human brain, which is effectively the command center of our life, is often running the show in the background, using patterns that were learned in early childhood.  If you’re not aware of what’s driving you at a deeper level, then making and sustaining change is pretty difficult.

Can’t I resolve this on my own?
Trying to fix money challenges on your own rarely works for the long term, and it’s very slow and difficult when it does.  Most people who go that route and try to figure things out themselves end up right back where they started from– and are usually even worse off.  This is because they’re trying to “muscle through” using will power, instead of learning what’s really driving them subconsciously and then rewiring their brain to make it easy.

How do I know if Money Coaching will benefit me?
If you feel like you’ve been doing everything “right” but you’re not seeing much progress, then there’s something that’s driving you subconsciously.  Money coaching will help you see very clearly what that is, name it, and give you access to the tools, power and influence you need to change it.

Can you still help me if I don’t live near you? You can benefit from Money Coaching no matter where you live through virtual coaching sessions.  Even folks who live close enough for in-person sessions choose this method because it’s easier to fit into their busy schedules.

See Coaching for more info on who can benefit from Money Coaching.

Schedule a free 30-minute Money Empowerment Session here to find out if money coaching would be a good fit for your particular situation.  Reach Nancy at 508-369-1796 or Nancy@EmbracingMoney.com.

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