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How well do you Love Your Money?


You may not realize it, but how money shows up in your life closely resembles the way human relationships develop and fall apart/unravel.

Strong relationships have a foundation of trust and intimacy.  However, this foundation doesn’t appear overnight.  Rather, it’s built through a series of experiences and loving moments and then nurtured over time.

Relationships begin to fall apart when one or both people feel neglected, unappreciated, or resentful.

The same things happen in your relationship with money.  That’s why I created the Love Your Money Challenge! (Want in?  Register here–it’s free!)

During this money challenge, you will begin to grow your relationship with money in much the same way that human relationships develop.

During the Love Your Money Challenge, we presuppose that
1) What you want, wants you and is seeking you, and
2) You must express the same qualities you desire in a partner.

This challenge is NOT about changing your behaviors, though that WILL occur naturally.  It’s NOT about effort, but rather about noticing.    It IS about creating a foundation upon which you can build your ideal relationship with money, whatever that looks like for you.

How this will work:
For 21 days, we will embrace new ways of being with our money.  Each week will utilize a different method to increase our connection to money. (Join us–you know you want to!)

We won’t attempt to change it–because we all know trying to change someone doesn’t work!  Instead, we will simply pay attention to what’s going on.   What you focus on, expands.  What you appreciate, appreciates.

The idea for the Love Your Money Challenge was inspired by one of my clients. I had asked her to describe her relationship with money. She dreamed that money spoke to her, and discovered that money felt she had turned her back on it. So we devised a plan for her to spend more time snuggling up with it.  My clients are amazing!  Learn how you can access money coaching here.

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