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Money is a Mirror

Everything shows up in our money—especially how we feel about ourselves.   Our self-esteem and self-worth, our values and beliefs are revealed to us when we track and observe where we spend our money.  Especially where we don’t spend it.   I was shocked to learn how little I value myself, based on the evidence of where I failed to spend money.

Do you spend your money on gifts for others while you neglect your own basic needs, like clothing and contact lenses?  Do you deprive yourself of a social life by isolating from your friends and family, saying you can’t afford to go out?   Do you put off car maintenance, like new tires, until you’re afraid to drive anything beyond your normal commute?

If money really is in short supply, how might you get your needs met without paying full price—or any price?  How about hosting a potluck or pizza-making night, where everyone contributes a dish or topping? It’s an inexpensive way to keep your social life active.  What about doing a clothing swap with some of your friends as a no-cost way to refresh your wardrobe?

Research the cost of  items you need, and see if they qualify for a AAA discount.  My membership pays for itself several times over with the money saved on my cell phone plan and eyeglasses, as well as movie tickets, Amtrak, and hotel rooms.

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