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Nancy’s Bio


Nancy Rae Evans Nancy Rae Evans, Certified Money Coach®, helps her clients develop a healthy and powerful relationship with money so they can create a life of meaning and purpose, personally and financially.  Since 2010, Nancy has helped women identify and understand what drives their behaviors, decisions and emotions around money.  Knowing that, they’ve learned to save their money, get out of debt, and create spending plans that enable them to expand the vision for their life and achieve financial peace.

While the 4-step process Nancy utilizes can be applied in any situation, it is especially beneficial if your  income fluctuates– e.g. solopreneurs, real estate agents, seasonal sales cycles, etc.

Before launching her business Embracing Money, she spent 17 years guiding people through the tricky process of home financing and helping business owners manage their receivables and payroll.  Nancy fervently believes that exploring and revising your relationship with money is the key to living a fully expressed, desire-driven, empowered life!

She is also trained as a Mastery Coach in the Transformational Coaching Method from HolisticMBA, a Certified Financial Recovery Coach from the Financial Recovery Institute, as well as a Financial Health Counselor from the National Association of Certified Credit Counselors.

Certified TCM Coach

Certified TCM Coach



TCM Method Mastery Coach


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