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Ongoing transformation support

Money Circles

This low-cost alternative to individual money coaching also welcomes you to a community of people who are  committed to living more expansive and purpose-filled lives.

Through participation in a Money Circle, you’ll uncover and discover what really drives your behaviors, decisions and emotions around money. In five weekly sessions, you’ll be guided through a 4-step process that will teach you how to tap into your internal Money Magician.

A Money Coaching Circle is a powerful and transformational process. This is life-changing work that provides you with the opportunity to experience tremendous growth, both personally and financially. It’s not uncommon for participants to say they’ve learned more about themselves through this process than they ever learned through years of therapy.

Every member will be invited to a secret Facebook group so you can share and support each other between sessions.

Money Circles meet for 2 hours per week for five sessions (day & evening circles available).  Sessions will be recorded in case you have a scheduling conflict which prevents you from being there live.  Each group will be no larger than eight people to allow for optimal interaction with Nancy.  Organize your own group of at least six people and receive a bonus 1-hour private coaching session (valued at $200).

Investment:  2 payments of $163.50 or 1 payment of $297 (save $30)

Call 865-332-3307 or email Nancy@EmbracingMoney.com for more info.

Private Coaching Sessions
Our sessions will include some or all of the following, depending on your needs and number of sessions:
We’ll clarify your vision and/or direction you want your life to take, strategize actions that will get you there, upgrade the skills, tools, and knowledge you’ll need, optimize your environment, and master the psychology to deal with insecurity, doubts, procrastination, and fear.

*12 session package— used over the course of 4-6 months
6 session package— used over the course of 2-3 months
* (recommended for optimum results)
Limited spots available. Clients accepted via an application process. Schedule a pre-application session here. Investment and terms will be presented during this session.

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