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What is a Money Coach?

Have you ever wondered what a money coach could do for you?

Athletes understand the concept of having a coach. How else can they improve their natural abilities and stay on track for reaching their goals.

A coach is someone who believes in them, provides encouragement when they doubt themselves, and keeps them accountable to consistently stretch their beliefs about what’s possible for them. And, of course, a coach also teaches them new skills.

A great coach knows that there is both an inner and an outer game—and that the inner game is usually more important than the technical skills. It’s part strategy, but mostly it’s about identifying– and then releasing– the hidden programming we all have that keeps us stuck.

As a Money Coach, I work with my clients on both their inner and outer money game. One of the core principles of my practice is ‘We’re always winning the game we are playing.’ So if you don’t like your results, it just means you’re playing the wrong game. Doing the inner work together allows you to shift into the game you really want to be playing—and winning!

Clients also learn new money skills and strategies they weren’t taught growing up. It’s a simple, yet powerful, system to keep you on track for your money goals this week, this month, this year, and beyond.

The great news is that anyone can become good (or better) at the money game!

If you wanted to learn a new sport quickly, would you try to teach yourself? Probably not. You would hire a coach so you could learn the basics the correct way.

If you want to improve your money situation, the most efficient and effective way to do that is to hire a coach. Don’t worry about the cost, the coach will help you figure out that piece. As Einstein says, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” A Money Coach will help you shift your consciousness so you have many more options available to you—now and for the rest of your life.

Now THAT is a great investment!

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