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Woo Woo Not Working For You?

Are you attempting to use manifestation principles to change your money situation? Has it worked it the short term but not for the long haul? Meaning the money showed up but then it left soon after it arrived?

Your money mindset or beliefs are certainly an important component to a truly supportive relationship with money. What’s equally important—and often overlooked—is what to do with the money once it shows up. So if you feel like the LOA (Law of Attraction) folks are not sharing the whole story, you’re absolutely correct!

The flaw is in believing that the cure for all money issues is simply adding more money. That is rarely the case. If you already have money issues (overspending, debt, lack of savings), adding a larger amount of money to the equation is like pouring gasoline on a fire. It just gets bigger and stronger. As T. Harv Eker likes to say, “More money just makes you more of who you already are.”

A client of mine is the perfect example. While she was in college and earning a very low income, she managed to live within her means and not go into debt. However, once she finished her degree and got a good-paying, secure job, she started taking on debt. She bought a house and borrowed money to make investments. Now she feels like she’s trapped in a job that’s not all that satisfying because she needs to keep working just to pay all the bills. Oh, and there’s no money left over for vacations in between semesters (she’s a teacher).

This is also a common phenomenon with medical professionals. They scrimp and save their way through medical school and interning and manage to stay balanced financially. But once they start working for full-time pay, their spending goes up faster than their income! The next thing they know, their multiple six-figure income is being eaten up by a big mortgage, a nanny, summer camp, soccer, car payments, insurance premiums, and credit card bills. Maxed out credit card bills. And –oops!—the first kid (of three) is starting college in two years and he never ‘got around to’ saving for tuition.

The cure to these situations (any money situation, really) is to get connected to your money. You connect with your money when you pay attention to it by 1) tracking where you spend it, 2) knowing where and how you’re earning it, and 3) planning where you want it to go. You’ll be amazed at how these simple steps can reduce the anxiety commonly associated with money, even if you don’t like what you see. And if you need someone to support you through the process, I would be happy to discuss being your guide! You can  request a complimentary Money Empowerment Session here.

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